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    Jinan Yingcai Digital Technology Co., Ltd ( short asWinscolor) was established in 2015, locating in Jinan City,Shandong province,China. The independent plant covers more than 20,000 square meters, with six professional production lines to support annually sales volume.Winscolor is an exporter of UV digital printing machines . Now our printer series include UV Flatbed printer, UV Flatbed with Roll to roll printer, and UV Hybrid printer, as well as smart UV printer.

    Winscolor digital printing machine was exported since 2015, with widespread praise and recognition by our customers, our printers are welcome more than 150 countries in Asia, Europe, Australia and Africa etc.

    Winscolor UV printers have been widely used in advertisement, sign,decoration, glass, crafts and other industries. We strengthen technological innovation, optimize the cost of consumption, and strive to create the best quality UV digital printing machines for our customer, and some comprehensive solutions according to different demands in various industries.

    Winscolor uphold the concept of excellence, and continuously improve product quality, to become the most trusted brand in UV printing equipment industry. We will continue to committed to industrial printing R & D and innovation and promote the healthy development of printing industry.

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    Founded in 2009
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    13 years experience
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    6 professional production lines
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    Exports to more than 150 countries



  • Manufacturer of Acrylic Metal Wood PVC Board Glass LED UV Flatbed Printer

    Manufacturer of Acryli...

    Printing table size 2500mm×1300mm Max material weight 50kg Maximum material height 100mm Summary YC2513H is a economic entry-level UV flatbed printer. It can print on all kinds of material with flat substrate. It is a very good choice for start of a new printing business. YC2513H with a large format printing size 2.5mX1.3m, allow large quantity production. It is automatic so that easy to learn and operate. Print head base board is OEM by professional factory, high-precision process and...

  • YC2030 High Resolution Uv Flatbed Printer Digital Printing Machine

    YC2030 High Resolution...

    Printing table size 2000mm×3000mm Max material weight 50kg Maximum material height 100mm YC2030L offers incomparable print capabilities, permitting you to explore a new world of merchandise and applications, including heavy, rigid materials up to four inches thick. It is designed to print higher gradient color in signage and decoration industry, makes background wall of more visual impact, and gain more impressive layering with bump impact. Industrial-grade Toshiba/Ricoh Print head is ...

  • Multifunction Large Format UV Flatbed Printer Ceramic Printer

    Multifunction Large Fo...

    Printing table size 2000mm×3000mm Max material weight 50kg Maximum material height 100mm YC2030H UV flatbed printer is a cost-effective product newly launched Ntek, To build industrial-grade equipment with ingenuity, in order to improve stability, NTEK has strict requirements, from the whole machine structure to data transmission, from the application of printhead to the selection of accessories, using high-quality components and mature printing design technology, with high stability a...

  • YC1610 UV Flatbed Printer Manufacture Road Sign Printing Machine

    YC1610 UV Flatbed Prin...

    Printing table size 1600mm×1000mm Max material weight 50kg Maximum material height 100mm Standard series of small-format flatbed UV printer. The main advantage is the relationship between economy and quality.It is a multi-functional, multi-industry, multi-field service equipment with stable performance, good accuracy, fast speed and long life. This machine suitable for advertising processing, handicraft industry, Decorative painting industry, mobile phone case color printing and other ...


Service First

  • The difference between digital inkjet printer and UV flatbed printer

    In the advertising industry, we must be familiar with digital inkjet printer and UV flatbed printer. Digital inkjet printer is the main print output devices in the advertising industry, while UV flatbed printer is for harder plates. The abbreviation is a technology printed by ultraviolet rays. To...

  • Why is the printing effect of UV flatbed printer not good?

    There are many customers who are satisfied with the printing effect at the beginning after purchasing the UV flatbed printer, but after a period of use, the machine performance and printing effect will gradually deteriorate. In addition to the quality stability of the UV flatbed printer itself, t...