• Buy UV printer must understand the five core issues

    Buy UV printer must understand the five core issues

    In the process of buying UV flatbed printer, many friends will be with the deeper understanding, the more confused by the information from the network, equipment manufacturers, and finally at a loss.  This article raises five core questions, which can trigger thinking in the process of seeking a...
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  • What should do if lines appear when a UV flatbed printer prints patterns?

    1. The nozzle of UV printer nozzle is very small, which is about the same size as the dust in the air, so the dust floating in the air can easily block the nozzle, resulting in deep and shallow lines in the printing pattern. Therefore, we must pay attention to keeping the environment clean every ...
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  • What is the proper resolution of UV printer?

    The resolution of UV printer is an important standard to measure the quality of printing, in general, the higher the resolution, the finer the image, the better the quality of the printed portrait. It can be said that the print resolution determines the quality of the print output. The higher the...
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  • How to judge the accuracy of uv flatbed printer color?

    How to judge the accuracy of uv flatbed printer color?

        Abstract: The accuracy of the color expression of the advertising picture can better reflect the gamut effect of the advertising picture as a whole. Uv printer printing technology can achieve the ideal application effect in the printing industry, which can meet the high requirement...
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  • After-sales service of Winscolor UV flatbed printer

    1. The quality of the equipment is guaranteed for one year according to the manufacturer’s standard. During the warranty period, the spare parts and equipment that need to be replaced not due to improper operation will be guaranteed and replaced by our company. The equipment provided by our...
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  • The principle and characteristics of UV printer

    The effect of uv printing is realized on the uv printing machine using special uv ink 1. UV printing is the uv printing process, which mainly refers to the use of special uv ink on the uv printing machine to achieve partial or overall uv printing effect, which is mainly suitable for the printing ...
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  • Why UV Flatbed printers are called universal printers1

    1. The UV printer does not need plate making: as long as the pattern is made on the computer and output to the universal printer, it can be printed directly on the surface of the item. 2. The process of the UV printer is short: the first print is printed at the back, and the screen printing can b...
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  • Ntek’s technology makes printing on wood applications easily

    Ntek’s technology makes printing on wood applications easily

    Whether you want to print on full-sheets of plywood or you need to add custom graphics to wooden coasters and small signs, Ntek has a machine to fit your application needs. Ntek technologies enable users to print directly onto pre-manufactured wooden boards with large-format UV flatbeds, print di...
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  • How to select UV printer ink according to the nozzle waveform?

    How to select UV printer ink according to the nozzle waveform?

    The relationship between the waveform of the uv printer nozzle and the uv ink is as follows: the waveforms corresponding to different inks are also different, which is mainly affected by the difference in the sound speed of the ink, the viscosity of the ink, and the density of the ink. Most of th...
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  • What does UV flatbed printer “pass” mean?

    I believe that we will encounter a “pass” we often say in the daily operation of UV printer. How to understand the print pass in the parameters of UV printer? What does it mean for UV printer with 2pass, 3pass, 4pass, 6pass? In English, “pass” means “through”. ...
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  • Edit How does uv printer print relief effect

    How does uv printer print relief effect UV flatbed printers are widely used in many fields, such as advertising signs, home decoration, handicraft processing, etc. It is well known that any material surface can print exquisite patterns. Today, Ntek will talk about UV flatbed printers. Another adv...
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  • How to properly maintain the inkjet UV printer

    1. Do a good job of sanitation before starting the UV inkjet flatbed printer to prevent dust from damaging the UV Ceramic Printer and printhead. The indoor temperature should be controlled at about 25 degrees, and ventilation should be done well. This is good for both the machine and the operator...
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