• The difference between Ricoh printheads and Epson printheads

    Ricoh and Epson are both well-known printhead manufacturers. Their nozzles have the following differences: Technical principle: Ricoh nozzles use thermal bubble inkjet technology, which ejects ink through thermal expansion. Epson nozzles use micro-pressure inkjet technology to eject ink through m...
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  • What can uv flatbed printer print?

    UV flatbed printers are capable of printing a variety of materials and objects, including but not limited to: Paper and cardboard: UV flatbed printer can print various patterns, text and pictures on paper and cardboard for making business cards, posters, leaflets, etc. Plastics and plastic produc...
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  • What are the benefits of using uv ink?

    Using UV ink has the following benefits: Fast drying: UV ink cures immediately during printing, so no additional drying time is required after printing. This increases productivity and speed. Strong durability: UV ink has high durability and can maintain image quality and stability on a variety o...
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  • How to use uv flat panel digital printer?

    The specific steps for using UV flatbed digital printer are as follows: Preparation: Make sure the UV flatbed digital printer is installed on a stable workbench and connect the power cord and data cable. Make sure the printer has enough ink and ribbon. Open the software: Open the printing softwar...
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  • The development of uv digital printing machine

    UV (ultraviolet) digital printing machine is a high precision, high speed digital printing equipment. It uses ultraviolet curing ink, which can quickly cure the ink during the printing process, so that the printed pattern is immediately dry, and has good light and water resistance. The developmen...
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  • UV flatbed printers are widely used in the field of advertising

    Yes, the application of UV flatbed printers in the field of advertising is getting more and more attention. UV flatbed printers use UV curing technology to print high-quality on surfaces of various materials. It has several advantages: Multi-material applicability: UV flatbed printers can print o...
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  • Leather printing Why are more and more people choosing UV coil printers

    Leather printing is a typical application case of UV coil printer. With the development of society and aesthetic changes, people’s fashion concepts are also constantly changing, and the demand and love for leather personalized printing products are also growing. Inkjet printing technology i...
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  • What is the difference between uv flat printer and uv flat printer?

    1. Outdoor inkjet printer Inkjet generally refers to the outdoor advertising screen output, its output screen is very large, such as many billboard pictures beside the highway, is printed out by the inkjet printer. The maximum width is 3-4 meters, the material used by the inkjet printer is genera...
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  • UV flatbed printer makes KT board processing easier

    UV flatbed printer makes KT board processing easier

    UV flatbed printer makes KT board processing easier! KT board is made of polystyrene, that is, PS material particles through the foam made of board core, through the surface of a laminated laminated material. KT plate is light in quality, not easy to deteriorate, easy to...
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  • Printhead of UV printer need to know what parameters

    Printhead is the core component of UV printer, Printhead brand is numerous, it is difficult to enumerate its detailed technical parameters. And for the vast majority of the sprinkler on the market, we only need to pay attention to the following aspects.   First: The number of channels (same as th...
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  • UV Flatbed Printer Printheads Types

    UV Flatbed Printer Printheads Types

      The printhead is the most important component of the uv flatbed printer. Different printheads have different characteristics and different prices. printhead is not the best, only the most suitable. Each head has its unique advantages, according to their own actual situation and demand to ...
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  • What are the precautions for UV printers?

    What are the precautions for UV printers?

    Print media: in the production process of UV printer, the print quality of pictures will be affected due to the failure of nozzle and the adjustment of media position. The main reason is that the nozzle drips and leaks ink, or the nozzle is too close to the material medium, resulting in friction ...
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